Chapter Scholarship Fund

Balance as of 5/31/18 

Each Chapter Scholarship Fund, past the $10,000 threshold will distribute 2.5% of the total fund each year for the Scholarship-Leadership Award program. No award is smaller than $250, and the distribution amount is split between the top applicants of each chapter.

Account Name University CSF 05/31/2018
Alpha Emory University $1,185.32
Alpha-Alpha University of Maryland, College Park $20,657.65
Alpha-Alpha Prime Johns Hopkins University $72.75
Alpha-Beta Mercer University $42,426.18
Alpha-Chi Lake Forest College $567.70
Alpha-Delta Pennsylvania State University $6,538.54
Alpha-Epsilon University of Pennsylvania $4,595.30
Alpha-Eta The George Washington University $64,068.46
Alpha-Gamma University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign $3,664.75
Alpha-Iota University of Tennessee at Chattanooga $10,347.72
Alpha-Kappa Cornell University $4,187.90
Alpha-Lambda University of Vermont $6,127.41
Alpha-Mu The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill $3,598.07
Alpha-Nu Wofford College $5,536.32
Alpha-Phi Bucknell University $2,859.83
Alpha-Pi Wabash College $7,224.59
Alpha-Psi University of Nebraska-Lincoln $7,704.31
Alpha-Sigma The Ohio State University $6,010.76
Alpha-Tau Georgia Institute of Technology $6,979.10
Alpha-Upsilon Millsaps College $5,115.79
Alpha-Zeta University of Michigan $6,315.76
Beta The University of Alabama $7,154.00
Beta-Alpha Brown University $269.90
Beta-Beta University of Richmond $-
Beta-Chi Missouri University of Science and Technology $14,862.82
Beta-Delta Washington & Jefferson College $1,082.55
Beta-Epsilon University of Wisconsin-Madison $184,538.29
Beta-Eta Auburn University $8,850.20
Beta-Gamma University of Missouri $10,117.98
Beta-Iota Lehigh University $9,950.92
Beta-Kappa University of New Hampshire $5,989.36
Beta-Lambda University of Georgia $56,087.45
Beta-Mu University of Minnesota-Twin Cities $7,353.52
Beta-Nu University of Kentucky $56,960.45
Beta-Omega Colorado College $3,337.88
Beta-Omicron University of Denver $5,833.13
Beta-Phi University of California, Davis $2,157.79
Beta-Pi Dickinson College $3,168.48
Beta-Psi University of Washington $12,142.69
Beta-Rho University of Iowa $3,518.52
Beta-Sigma Washington University in St.Louis $6,601.20
Beta-Tau Baker University $3,009.27
Beta-Theta Indiana University $30,518.85
Beta-Upsilon North Carolina State University $5,664.73
Beta-Xi University of California, Berkeley $892.00
Beta-Zeta Stanford University $36,266.73
California State University, Channel Islands Colony California State University, Channel Islands $-
Cameron University Colony Cameron University $-
Cardinal Stritch University Colony Cardinal Stritch University $48.50
Chi Purdue University $25,326.59
Chi-Omega University of South Carolina $8,676.69
Delta Davidson College $6,045.68
Delta-Alpha Carnegie Mellon University $10,273.13
Delta-Beta Lafayette College $712.38
Delta-Chi Mississippi State University $17,072.99
Delta-Delta University of Florida $105,655.75
Delta-Epsilon University of Toronto $932.18
Delta-Eta University of Southern California $36,145.05
Delta-Gamma University of Wyoming $5,025.27
Delta-Kappa Ohio Wesleyan University $524.86
Delta-Lambda Montana State University $3,660.11
Delta-Mu University of North Dakota $56,160.85
Delta-Nu University of California, Los Angeles $-
Delta-Omega Wake Forest University $1,169.78
Delta-Omicron University of Montana $1,605.82
Delta-Phi Hobart and William Smith Colleges $2,223.96
Delta-Pi Southern Methodist University $26,218.23
Delta-Psi Michigan State University $4,723.29
Delta-Rho Franklin & Marshall College $21,124.53
Delta-Sigma The University of Utah $2,804.20
Delta-Tau Union College $2,210.80
Delta-Upsilon Occidental College $361.43
Delta-Xi University of Mississippi $28,182.53
Delta-Zeta University of New Mexico $-
Epsilon Centenary College of Louisiana $3,838.69
Epsilon-Alpha University of Alberta $3,107.74
Epsilon-Beta University of Miami $36,643.67
Epsilon-Chi University of Louisiana at Lafayette $4,968.79
Epsilon-Delta Northwestern University $911.08
Epsilon-Epsilon The University of British Columbia $2,851.67
Epsilon-Eta Bowling Green State University $6,062.56
Epsilon-Gamma Louisiana Tech University $8,140.56
Epsilon-Iota San Diego State University $10,876.45
Epsilon-Kappa Utah State University $73.46
Epsilon-Lambda University of Puget Sound $607.29
Epsilon-Mu The University of Tulsa $104,785.48
Epsilon-Nu University of Southern Mississippi $6,385.36
Epsilon-Omega Georgia State University $5,704.15
Epsilon-Omicron Butler University $832.06
Epsilon-Phi Texas Tech University $49,869.00
Epsilon-Pi University of Memphis $6,669.55
Epsilon-Psi The University of Memphis Lambuth $9,487.47
Epsilon-Rho Kent State University $18,939.84
Epsilon-Sigma Florida State University $4,969.44
Epsilon-Tau California State University, Fresno $6,848.65
Epsilon-Theta University of California, Santa Barbara $2,068.36
Epsilon-Upsilon University of North Texas $2,374.84
Epsilon-Xi The University of Texas at El Paso $3,770.60
Epsilon-Zeta University of Connecticut $4,826.59
Eta Randolph-Macon College $5,154.62
Eta Prime Duke University $1,227.93
Gamma Louisiana State University $31,534.09
Gamma-Alpha University of Oregon $6,315.76
Gamma-Beta The University of Chicago $9,359.25
Gamma-Beta Prime Millikin University $277.20
Gamma-Chi Kansas State University $5,048.78
Gamma-Delta University of Massachusetts Amherst $2,039.36
Gamma-Epsilon Dartmouth College $1,174.93
Gamma-Eta Harvard University $435.70
Gamma-Gamma Colorado School of Mines $4,404.89
Gamma-Iota Syracuse University $2,377.83
Gamma-Kappa The University of Oklahoma $13,248.77
Gamma-Lambda Iowa State University $6,752.57
Gamma-Mu Washington State University $5,027.21
Gamma-Nu Washburn University $4,937.70
Gamma-Omega University of Pittsburgh $1,069.98
Gamma-Omicron University of Kansas $42,984.44
Gamma-Phi West Virginia University $533.18
Gamma-Pi Massachusetts Institute of Technology $3,057.77
Gamma-Psi Oklahoma State University $14,783.97
Gamma-Rho University of Arizona $32,556.94
Gamma-Sigma Oregon State University $138,624.34
Gamma-Tau University of Colorado Boulder $10,922.92
Gamma-Theta University of Idaho $6,119.69
Gamma-Upsilon Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey $9,234.67
Gamma-Xi Denison University $3,672.95
Gamma-Zeta New York University $3,611.25
Illinois State University Colony Illinois State University $-
Iota Southwestern University $5,238.00
Kappa Vanderbilt University $13,063.56
Kappa-Alpha University of Nevada, Las Vegas $6,915.64
Kappa-Beta Indiana State University $-
Kappa-Chi College of Charleston $2,470.93
Kappa-Delta University of South Florida $25,816.91
Kappa-Epsilon The University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley $3,390.91
Kappa-Eta Widener University $32,618.78
Kappa-Gamma Northern Arizona University $-
Kappa-Iota Middle Tennessee State University $5,726.90
Kappa-Kappa Georgia Southwestern State University $6,946.54
Kappa-Lambda Shippensburg University $5,908.14
Kappa-Mu Tennessee Technological University $7,239.78
Kappa-Nu University of South Alabama $1,355.84
Kappa-Omega University of North Carolina at Charlotte $5,792.09
Kappa-Omicron LaGrange College $278.79
Kappa-Phi George Mason University $5,514.27
Kappa-Pi University of Central Oklahoma $546.53
Kappa-Psi Villanova University $-
Kappa-Rho Boise State University $1,506.70
Kappa-Tau Youngstown State University $-
Kappa-Theta Indiana University of Pennsylvania $4,294.20
Kappa-Upsilon Clemson University $2,352.77
Kappa-Xi University of Massachusetts Lowell $572.76
Kappa-Zeta Georgia Southern University $3,958.01
Lambda The University of Tennessee, Knoxville $25,736.02
Lambda-Alpha Northern Michigan University $-
Lambda-Beta East Tennessee State University $2,112.25
Lambda-Chi College of Idaho $-
Lambda-Delta University of West Georgia $4,792.53
Lambda-Epsilon University of Central Florida $20,031.97
Lambda-Eta Lamar University $287.60
Lambda-Gamma Jacksonville State University $7,862.86
Lambda-Iota Lyon College $833.06
Lambda-Kappa Montana State University Billings $121.05
Lambda-Lambda Elon University $6,653.52
Lambda-Mu Southern New Hampshire University $-
Lambda-Nu Appalachian State University $886.66
Lambda-Omega Lander University $202.61
Lambda-Omicron University of North Alabama $1,665.30
Lambda-Phi Sam Houston State University $5,559.90
Lambda-Pi Delta State University $13,363.46
Lambda-Psi St. Mary’s University, Texas $4,350.41
Lambda-Rho Nathaniel Hawthorne College $24.46
Lambda-Sigma James Madison University $1,218.25
Lambda-Tau Baylor University $1,425.25
Lambda-Theta Dallas Baptist University $60.88
Lambda-Upsilon Emporia State University $229.50
Lambda-Xi Georgia College and State University $34,174.07
Lambda-Zeta Virginia Commonwealth University $3,122.26
LIU Brooklyn Colony Long Island University-Brooklyn $9.81
McGill University Colony McGill University $42.31
Merrimack College Colony Merrimack College $-
Mu Washington and Lee University $1,203.65
Mu-Alpha Colorado State University-Pueblo $208.03
Mu-Beta Huntingdon College $581.33
Mu-Delta University of California, Irvine $4,223.87
Mu-Epsilon Linfield College $1,079.79
Mu-Eta University of Louisville $2,063.12
Mu-Gamma Texas A&M University $9,218.52
Mu-Iota Gallaudet University $22,099.32
Mu-Kappa University at Buffalo, The State University of New York $48.92
Mu-Lambda University of Calgary $1,164.65
Mu-Omega Southeastern Louisiana University $463.68
Mu-Omicron Louisiana State University in Shreveport $1,622.88
Mu-Phi Yale University $-
Mu-Psi Boston University $3,091.93
Mu-Rho Missouri State University $5,662.74
Mu-Sigma Towson University $1,053.77
Mu-Tau Austin Peay State University $-
Mu-Theta Davis & Elkins College $-
Mu-Upsilon University of Northern Iowa $1,313.09
Mu-Xi California State University, Fullerton $505.72
Mu-Zeta University of North Carolina at Wilmington $17,725.18
Nu College of William and Mary $3,677.74
Nu-Alpha California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo $4,655.54
Nu-Beta Northern Illinois University $291.02
Nu-Delta University of Alabama at Birmingham $145.51
Nu-Epsilon New Mexico State University $16,490.86
Nu-Eta Hofstra University $48.92
Nu-Gamma Pratt Institute $2,495.05
Nu-Iota Rowan University $1,462.37
Nu-Kappa University of Central Arkansas $3,217.26
Nu-Lambda California State University, Sacramento $10,804.07
Nu-Omega University of Tampa $307.16
Nu-Omicron The University of Texas at Dallas $1,694.56
Nu-Phi Northeastern State University $3,456.72
Nu Prime Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University $2,487.32
Nu-Psi University of Cincinnati $6,380.92
Nu-Rho Southeastern Oklahoma State University $146.03
Nu-Sigma Radford University $72.75
Nu-Tau Stephen F. Austin State University $1,506.61
Nu-Theta Morehead State University $164.73
Nu-Upsilon Winthrop University $2,545.43
Nu-Xi Alfred University $72.75
Nu-Zeta University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh $24.46
Omega Sewanee: The University of the South $680.83
Omicron-Alpha Rochester Institute of Technology $2,217.64
Omicron-Beta Long Island University-Post $12.23
Omicron-Chi Nicholls State University $2,138.77
Omicron-Delta Suffolk University $-
Omicron-Epsilon Adelphi University $1,815.20
Omicron-Eta Nova Southeastern University $501.20
Omicron-Gamma Arkansas Tech University $497.10
Omicron-Iota Armstrong State University $1,591.20
Omicron-Kappa Kennesaw State University $4,955.85
Omicron-Lambda Southern Polytechnic State University $197.71
Omicron-Mu California State University, Bakersfield $2,333.39
Omicron-Nu Murray State University $-
Omicron-Omega California State University, Stanislaus $2,691.58
Omicron-Omicron Kutztown University of Pennsylvania $2,354.78
Omicron-Phi Washington College $4,748.60
Omicron-Pi Carleton University $1,566.21
Omicron-Psi Bloomsburg University Of Pennsylvania $3,943.69
Omicron-Rho University of Michigan-Flint $6,554.38
Omicron-Sigma Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania $1,544.79
Omicron-Tau University of Arkansas-Fort Smith $1,190.83
Omicron-Theta Thompson Rivers University $3,093.55
Omicron-Upsilon Temple University $4,852.00
Omicron-Xi University of Lethbridge $795.06
Omicron-Zeta University of Hawaii $10,953.19
Omikron Emory & Henry College $-
Phi Rhodes College $3,507.25
Pi Swarthmore College $60.44
Pi-Alpha Louisiana State University of Alexandria $114.34
Pi-Beta Loyola Marymount University $24.55
Pi-Chi Lake Erie College $748.22
Pi-Delta Colony The University of Virginia’s College at Wise $-
Pi-Epsilon University of Houston $370.60
Pi-Eta Missouri Southern State University $3,726.78
Pi-Gamma Johnson & Wales University-North Miami $2,798.42
Pi-Iota California State University, Chico $2,326.38
Pi-Kappa Bentley University $197.58
Pi-Lambda Pennsylvania State University Harrisburg $72.75
Pi-Mu Methodist University $-
Pi-Nu Ramapo College of New Jersey $812.52
Pi-Omega Sacred Heart University $835.41
Pi-Omicron University of Colorado Colorado Springs $1,795.60
Pi-Phi Brooklyn College $2,717.23
Pi-Psi University of California, San Diego $2,362.14
Pi-Rho University of Akron $2,166.55
Pi-Sigma Salisbury University $300.16
Pi-Tau New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology $2,080.18
Pi-Theta Coastal Carolina University $221.56
Pi-Upsilon Academy of Art University $1,722.42
Pi-Xi Colorado State University $1,739.90
Pi-Zeta Johnson & Wales University-Charlotte $3,005.77
Psi University of Maine $3,270.35
Queen’s University Colony Queen’s University $-
Rho Arizona State University $53,471.93
Rho-Alpha University of Pittsburgh at Bradford $1,056.44
Rho-Beta St. John’s University $95.75
Rho-Chi University of Mary Washington $1,231.99
Rhode Island College Colony Rhode Island College $342.37
Rho-Delta California State University, Northridge $1,600.11
Rho-Epsilon University of Alaska Anchorage $24.46
Rho-Eta High Point University $1,051.91
Rho-Gamma Texas Woman’s University $2,892.77
Rho-Iota State University of New York at Cortland $780.90
Rho-Kappa California State University, Monterey Bay $1,466.56
Rho-Lambda Belmont Abbey College $741.33
Rho-Mu Central Washington University $1,391.30
Rho-Nu The University of Texas at Tyler $85.07
Rho-Omega Stevens Institute of Technology $9,246.24
Rho-Omicron University of California, Merced $3,622.41
Rho-Phi Utah Valley University $-
Rho-Pi Young Harris College $2,502.01
Rho Prime University of North Georgia $2,096.69
Rho-Psi Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi $12.27
Rho-Rho Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College $2,067.81
Rho-Sigma St. John’s University-Staten Island $2,157.46
Rho-Tau Queens College $740.67
Rho-Theta University of New Orleans $1,957.05
Rho-Upsilon University of the Incarnate Word $401.72
Rho-Xi Eastern Kentucky University $531.22
Rho-Zeta Florida Gulf Coast University $2,438.61
Rogers State University Colony Rogers State University $408.64
Rutgers University-Newark Colony Rutgers University-Newark $842.49
Sigma Tulane University $2,249.12
Sigma-Alpha Trinity College $1,195.68
Sigma-Beta Oglethorpe University $18.93
Sigma-Delta Stony Brook University $738.80
Sigma-Epsilon Hunter College $3,249.75
Sigma-Eta Central Michigan University $231.51
Sigma-Gamma Henderson State University $210.08
Sigma-Iota St. Norbert College $450.46
Sigma-Kappa Grand Valley State University $896.10
Sigma-Lambda Christopher Newport University $603.54
Sigma-Mu Colorado Mesa University $2,111.36
Sigma-Nu Binghamton University-State University of New York $67.41
Sigma-Omega Santa Clara University $1,089.18
Sigma-Omicron Furman University $15.20
Sigma-Phi Campbell University $817.01
Sigma-Pi University at Albany-State University of New York $726.59
Sigma-Psi Catholic University of America $1,476.56
Sigma-Rho Southern Illinois University Edwardsville $779.36
Sigma-Sigma Minnesota State University Moorhead $1,537.84
Sigma-Tau Western Oregon University $527.37
Sigma-Theta Old Dominion University $5,493.05
Sigma-Upsilon University of California, Riverside $1,489.50
Sigma-Xi University of West Florida $1,424.45
Sigma-Zeta Northwood University $1,667.83
Southern Oregon Colony Southern Oregon University $-
SUNY Old Westbury Colony State University of New York-Old Westbury $-
SUNY Oswego Colony State University of New York at Oswego $223.47
Tau The University of Texas at Austin $24,620.38
Tau-Alpha State University of New York Geneseo $998.64
Tau-Beta Humboldt State University $2,780.52
Tau-Chi Fairleigh Dickinson University $2,820.97
Tau-Delta Pace University $282.42
Tau-Epsilon Gonzaga University $1,416.03
Tau-Eta University of Rhode Island $495.03
Tau-Gamma University of Nevada, Reno $3,519.96
Tau-Iota Farmingdale State College-State University of New York $1,435.53
Tau-Kappa Indiana University Southeast $845.41
Tau-Lambda Johnson & Wales University-Providence $1,088.32
Tau-Mu Capital University $1,290.87
Tau-Nu Marshall University $999.24
Tau-Omega Montclair State University $1,576.15
Tau-Omicron California State University San Marcos $1,816.22
Tau-Phi Hartwick College $1,319.32
Tau-Pi San Francisco State University $1,547.63
Tau-Psi State University of New York at Fredonia $57.41
Tau-Rho Ithaca College $1,053.95
Tau-Sigma Angelo State University $1,924.06
Tau-Tau University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee $95.61
Tau-Theta West Chester University $2,290.22
Tau-Upsilon York University $1,010.62
Tau-Xi Bethel University $2,813.67
Tau-Zeta Arkansas State University $8,263.48
Theta Texas Christian University $6,556.21
Theta-Alpha Florida Southern College $72.80
Theta-Beta California State University, Long Beach $8,413.41
Theta-Chi University of Louisiana at Monroe $3,676.77
Theta-Delta Willamette University $32,957.59
Theta-Epsilon Portland State University $1,951.10
Theta-Eta University of Arkansas at Little Rock $4,370.48
Theta-Gamma Midwestern State University $3,791.02
Theta-Iota San Jose State University $4,196.39
Theta-Kappa Texas A&M University-Kingsville $3,334.67
Theta-Lambda Texas State University $7,121.91
Theta-Mu Northwestern State University of Louisiana $4,135.26
Theta-Nu Ashland University $9,465.88
Theta-Omega The University of Texas at Arlington $6,411.00
Theta-Omicron Muskingum University $12,659.96
Theta-Phi Wichita State University $2,353.28
Theta-Pi East Carolina University $21,305.99
Theta Prime Cumberland University $3,644.49
Theta-Psi Oklahoma City University $6,339.74
Theta-Rho McNeese State University $5,397.54
Theta-Sigma Spring Hill College $-
Theta-Tau California State University, Los Angeles $1,007.59
Theta-Theta Western Kentucky University $13,873.77
Theta-Upsilon Miami University $2,148.15
Theta-Xi Trine University $7,138.56
Theta-Zeta Eastern New Mexico University $107,287.72
University of Toledo Colony University of Toledo $-
Upsilon Hampden-Sydney College $-
Upsilon-Alpha Reinhardt University $1,516.30
Upsilon-Beta California State University,San Bernardino $941.39
Upsilon-Delta Eastern Washington University $2,345.78
Upsilon-Epsilon Marist College $848.36
Upsilon-Eta University of Wisconsin Green Bay $121.21
Upsilon-Gamma College of Staten Island $4,052.98
Upsilon-Iota Boca Raton, Florida $-
Upsilon-Kappa West Long Branch, New Jersey $960.64
Upsilon-Lambda State University of New York-Oneonta $289.98
Upsilon-Mu City College of New York $-
Upsilon-Nu Eastern Connecticut State University $-
Upsilon-Theta Saint Leo University $269.60
Upsilon-Zeta Middle Georgia State University $320.15
West Denver, Colorado Colony Regis University $-
West Haven, Connecticut Colony University of New Haven $-
Xi University of Arkansas $36,078.11
Xi (VMI) Virginia Military Institute $-
Xi-Alpha Minnesota State University, Mankato $899.99
Xi-Beta Northeastern University $43,973.33
Xi-Chi University of Northern Colorado $85.51
Xi-Delta The University of Texas at San Antonio $4,101.64
Xi-Epsilon Thiel College $9,800.37
Xi-Eta Christian Brothers University $5,232.63
Xi-Gamma State University of New York at New Paltz $509.37
Xi-Iota Columbus State University $1,802.41
Xi-Kappa Florida International University $-
Xi-Lambda University of Delaware $3,715.77
Xi-Mu West Texas A&M University $1,185.91
Xi-Nu University of Western Ontario $-
Xi-Omega Idaho State University $633.67
Xi-Omicron Eastern Michigan University $-
Xi-Phi University of South Carolina Upstate $3.33
Xi-Psi University of North Florida $761.94
Xi-Rho Stockton University $2,811.47
Xi-Sigma Western Carolina University $215.41
Xi-Tau John Carroll University $33.56
Xi-Theta Valdosta State University $3,159.58
Xi-Upsilon Texas A&M University-Commerce $4,818.21
Xi-Xi Marquette University $1,403.83
Xi-Zeta Northwest Missouri State University $220.15
Zeta University of Virginia $2,950.93

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