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Stephen Alonzo Jackson Memorial Plaza

Secure Your Legacy! Pledge for a paver in the Stephen Alonzo Jackson Memorial Plaza.

Parents’ Leadership Circle

Kappa Sigma is built on strong foundations, and parents are key to our success. Please consider supporting the Parent’s Leadership Circle.

Chapter Scholarship Fund

Donate directly to your Chapter Scholarship Fund! This money is used only for undergraduate scholarships from the designated chapter.

Jackson’s Men Program

The Jackson’s Men program is the Endowment Fund’s most popular and innovative giving recognition program. Continue a tradition of excellence.

Kappa Sigma has earned its place as the world’s most preferred fraternity. To preserve our most distinguished traditions and preserve the future of our Order, the Kappa Sigma Endowment Fund Trustees, in conjunction with the Supreme Executive Committee, have undertaken the most visionary funding campaign in Kappa Sigma history. The campaign is scheduled to conclude in 2019, to join in the celebration with our 150th Anniversary in North America..