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Published on November 19th, 2014 | by DeShawn Clement


Jeremy L. Gillespie Jackson Men

Jeremy Lee Gillespie (#1694)
Nu-Upsilon, Winthrop University

1. Why did you join Kappa Sigma?

“As a freshman in college I met a few of the undergrad brothers of Kappa Sigma and became friends with them. They never pressured me to rush/join, simply invited me to events and to sit with them during meals, even though I was yet a brother. My freshman year was a difficult time for me concerning grades and the chapter brothers offered support and encouragement during that time. They were always interested in me as a person, not a number, and first became my friends before becoming my brothers. As brother Goodwin de Hulings Williams said, “There was small formality about it. He came to me like a man and asked me to join his fraternity. I liked the specimen I knew of it in him and I said I would.”

2. Best memory of Kappa Sigma?

“There are so many great memories of my time in the chapter of Nu-Upsilon. One that sticks out is my term as GM. My goal before graduation was to become GM of the chapter and make it a better chapter for future generations of brothers. I was presented with the first GM chapter badge (to be passed to subsequent GM’s) and took the helm of a chapter that I grew to love. That year was an enormous chapter of growth in my life. I was challenged, honed leadership skills and became a better man. As an EC we moved the chapter from financial red to black, rushed and pledged some of the largest pledge classes in recent history and secured our second FACE award. Additionally, I was named Nu-Upsilon’s Man of the Year and was awarded a Scholarship/Leadership award from HQ. One year I will never forget!”

3. What inspired you to become a Jackson’s Men?

“The chapter and fraternity helped make me a better man. Not just within the chapter and among the university, but personally. Because of that I’m a better husband, father and leader in the workplace and community. Becoming a Jackson’s Men pin holder was my way of giving back and allowing future brothers to experience the same.”

4. Why would you encourage others to join Kappa Sigma & become a Jackson’s men?

“If your time as an undergrad was something that you look back and think, “I may never experience something this powerful, this meaningful, this impactful for my life” you MUST become a Jackson’s Man. It’s not about the pin, chapter plaque or the notoriety of being a Jackson’s Man. It’s about ensuring future brothers will have the same impactful fraternity experience, scholarship and endowment opportunities afforded to me [you]. “

5. How would you encourage others to give back to the Endowment Fund?

“Budget. Budget. Budget. No one at HQ wants a brother to give beyond his means and then not fulfill his pledge obligation. Know what you can give and then research the giving options. But know that your gift will help another brother. A servants heart is at the core of Jackson’s Man pledges. You’ll never know who you helped, just know that you helped your fellow brother.”

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DeShawn Clement

is a 2011 initiate of the Nu-Upsilon Chapter at Winthrop University and serves on the Kappa Sigma staff as Development Associate of the Kappa Sigma Endowment Fund. Brother Clement can be reached at

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