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Published on November 20th, 2014 | by DeShawn Clement


Joel Tinjaca Jackson’s Men

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Joel Tinjaca (#3781)
Xi-Iota, Columbus State University


1. Why did you join Kappa Sigma?

“I joined ΚΣ because I wanted to be a part of not just a fraternity but an organization that would help me grow as a leader. I had several options while rushing at Columbus State but once meeting the ΚΣ I knew it was the right fit.”

2. What is your best memory of Kappa Sigma?

“My best memory of ΚΣ isn’t just one but any time I get to share with brothers from all around. Whether It’s with my home chapter of Xi Iota at Columbus State, or running the Peachtree Road Race with brothers from Rho Prime, or helping freshman move in a Rho Zeta AT Florida Gulf Coast. I enjoy sharing time with brothers from all walks of life and knowing that no matter what we truly are and always will be ΑΕΚΔΒ!”

3. What inspired you to become a Jackson’s men?

“While at Dixie Conclave, WGMC Toby Taylor spoke about ways that we could all make a difference. I knew that this was an opportunity for me to truly make an impact not just for ΚΣ but for all the leaders that develop because of the Star and Crescent. I knew that my donations would make an impact not just on those brothers I knew now but ones that I have yet to come across.”

4. Why would you encourage others to join Kappa Sigma & become a Jackson’s Men?

“I’d encourage any young man going through rush is to take a note at the excellence that is a tradition throughout ΚΣ’s history. Kappa Sigma has given me the opportunity to become a better leader, a better scholar, a brother, and help in my community. This fraternity has a million doors for each and every brother to go through and become a leader in his own way. While we all have our chapters to thank for making us better we can give back so that each generation of brothers through scholarship and other means. Becoming a Jackson’s man is a method to not only help your fellow brothers but also a great way to meet fellow brothers with just a big visions for Kappa Sigma everywhere.”

5. How would you encourage others to give back to the Endowment Fund?

“Every brother has the opportunity to make a difference with the Endowment Fund. As someone who is passionate about fundraising I can tell you there are several methods to raise funds and awareness of what the endowment fund does. Start by small local steps; look for fast food restaurants to hold spirt nights, charity days or raffles. Slowly you’ll get bigger ambitions and you can host annual events like Xi Iota’s Shave to Shave were in one month the Xi Iota Chapter raises almost 10,000.”

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DeShawn Clement

is a 2011 initiate of the Nu-Upsilon Chapter at Winthrop University and serves on the Kappa Sigma staff as Development Associate of the Kappa Sigma Endowment Fund. Brother Clement can be reached at

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